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Private Tuition - Alternative Education for your Unique Child

Fusion Tutoring

One-to-One Private Tutoring
-Absolute Academics!

One-to-one, subject specific private tuition for young people who need to catch up or race ahead. Entire units of work are planned around the young person with the aim of achieving specific academic goals. SMART goals are set and progress monitored over agreed courses. Optional homework and useful resources are provided along the way. 

"For four years we've trusted Up-Grade to help with the whole family. They helped our eldest through his SATs and now helps out youngest with his KS1 reading. Both our boys love their sessions with Dan."- Victoria B, Mother

Fusion Tutoring
- Educating the whole-child - Therapeutic Education in Action

Home Tuition for National Curriculum Academics, fused with Mood-boosting Physical Activity - Developing the whole-child!

Entire units of work planned around the young person with the aim of achieving specific academic and physical goals. The young person’s physical health, skill-mastery and academic development grow in unison to best serve the whole-child. This new and innovative approach to tutoring helps boost self-confidence and a new confidence in the learning environment.

"Up-Grade have been working Fusion Tutoring with my son for 3 years and the changes in his behaviour, temperament and school-work have been amazing."- S AJ, Mother

- A strategic, therapeutic approach to a young person's return to the educational setting 

"Reintegrate!" is a therapeutic behaviour management program designed to reintegrate the disaffected young person into their educational setting. We believe that developing self-esteem and self-confidence through measurable achievement is the key to restoring a child's faith in education. We know that emotional and physical development go hand in hand, and so we apply our deep knowledge of physical skill-building, therapeutic treatment and academic education to develop the ‘whole-child’. As confidence builds, strategies are implemented to help the young-person take back control of their educational journey.

"Our son was heading towards exclusion before Up-Grade became involved. Their outlook on education and their strategies really seemed to speak to Jacob and ultimately keep him in school." - Laura M, Mother

Home Therapeutic Training (HTT)
- dealing in behaviour management to raise self-esteem, confidence and skill-set from home

Entire martial-arts syllabus brought to your door with home-based, therapeutic personal-training for your child. This course has been designed for those suffering with low self-esteem or who perhaps aren't ready for big classes, busy clubs and too-high expectations.   

Whether it is body confidence issues, trouble at school or a general hyperactive disposition, Home Therapeutic Training uses proven therapeutic approaches and coaching methods to develop physical skills and unlock a young person's full, positive potential.

"Emily didn't have the confidence to leave the house and join a club but she was keen to take up a hobby. The improvements in her physical and mental health after only a few short sessions with Up-Grade were incredible!" - Declan Lola, Carer

We have a number of carefully designed programs (as you will find above) to suit a wide variety of needs. However, we specialise in tailoring our interventions to the uniqueness of every young-person to ensure the correct approach is used for the individual.

Get in touch to find the right approach for your young person.

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