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Fusion Tutoring​

"Apart from education, you need health, and for that, you need to play sports."

Kapil Dev

What is Up-Grade's Fusion Tutoring?

Innovative, active, therapeutic education

*Develops mental and physical skills*

Fusion tutoring is a fast, interactive, realistic approach to learning for young people. Drawing from the extensive research into the neuroscience of learning,  Fusion Tutoring uses expert coaches to ensure the best possible performances and outcomes from all students. Training the body and mind in unison produces exceptional results in an engaging, alternative environment, 

*Builds confidence*

Through many years of experience in the field, and as a member of the National Institute for Youth & Therapeutic Approaches Trust, Up-Grade understands the range of behavioural and emotional challenges posed with young people in school today, and so have developed our unique therapeutic approach to learning which helps transform challenges to positive outcomes, boosting self-esteem and confidence.

*Raise academic levels*

Sessions are split between physical training and academic education (see here for a recent course). With the guidance of inspiring, qualified, professional teachers, as well as accredited sport’s trainers, young people will have entire, specific units of work planned out according to the National Curriculum or Functional Skills Curriculum. Each unit of work will be specifically tailored to their level of academic ability

*Improves cognition*

The courses are designed to introduce and foster the value of developing the growth mind-set. Smart-body and smart-mind are promoted throughout to ensure all young people experience the joy in managing and truly valuing their personal, educational and developmental journeys.

*Improves behaviour*

In association with The Institute for Youth & Therapeutic Approaches, Up-Grade Training implement the practice of active-academics with a strong focus on behaviour management and behaviour improvement. Therapeutic practices underlie and scaffold all that we do, contributing to the overall positive experience that Fusion-Tutoring is to so many young people.

Whois Up-Grade Fusion Tutoring for?

Up-Grade Training offer every child the opportunity to develop specific skills and receive tangible, meaningful rewards – both extrinsic and intrinsic - at every milestone. As well as general fitness and physical well-being, countless scientific studies have shown time-and-time-again that physical challenge will raise endorphins which provide:

• Stress relief

• All-round improvement in mood

• Increased energy

• Increased mental alertness

Through careful consideration of the physical, social and emotional aspects of the whole-child, Up-Grade offer a range of therapeutic approaches that reach the young person on a deep and meaningful level, and at a time where they’re most available to be reached. Providing the inspiration to achieve and succeed through personal empowerment is at the core of everything we do at Up-grade – all stemming from the sincere belief that every child has greatness within them.

Up-Grade’s Fusion-Tutoring is really ideal for anyone looking for a boost in confidence, skill or attainment. However, this particular approach has proven ideal in one-to-one (or small group) environments, aimed toward young people with challenging behavioural difficulties, low self-esteem and/or aggressive tendencies. For those who may be struggling in a traditional educational environment, the professional guidance through active-academics keeps young people achieving and focused in a fun, safe and vibrant environment, with the goal of rebuilding the confidence to reintegrate with more mainstream education.

Howdoes Up-Grade’s Fusion Tutoring work?

Entire units of work are planned around the individual young person with the aim of achieving specific and achievable goals. Alongside the academic goals, the young person’s growth and development in kickboxing will rise, boosting confidence and improving overall focus. Opportunities for significant, measurable and real achievement (both physical and academic) will be facilitated during every session, keeping the young person engaged, excited and always developing as a young learner. 

The switch of focus between two very manageable yet very positive areas of growth (physical and academic), helps the young person stay focused, engaged and performing optimally throughout the shorter sessions. Too many times, tutoring sessions run longer than is necessary or worthwhile, leaving minutes and minutes of ‘dead’ time. With Fusion-Tutoring and Active Academic, the whole-child is developed optimally ensuring every moment is moving towards real growth, development and achievement. 

This approach is not only designed for real, AQA endorsed achievement, but as a gateway to the restoration of the young person’s faith in the education system and a route back into the more traditional school environment. 

By developing their growth mind-set and encouraging self-reliance and resilience, these courses provide all the right tools for learning and personal development as a student and young person.

Up-Grade Training's Academics in Action and Fusion Tutoring has been developed practically over time, based on the stuff that really works!
The connection between physical and mental development has been tried and tested on a day-to-day basis in real-world situations, and has consistently delivered results!
BUT! There is a wealth of science to this to support this innovative approach.

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