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Up-Grade Talks & Workshops

Up-Grade Training offer a series of engaging, educational and motivational talks abd workshops for young-people, education professionals and carers.

From short-talks to full day workshops, Up-Grade work with you to inspire and educate your young people at your school, college or care home. Up-Grade come equipped with the strategies, tools and energy necessary to Up-Grade the confidence, self-esteem and attainment of your young people. 

"Whole-Child Project"
Seminar/Workshop for young people

Visiting your sports club or organisation to help develop: Self-esteem





               ... in training habits and school work

Program details

Contact us for more information on "Whole-Child Project"

"Fusion Fun Edu-tainment"

Seminar/Workshop for carers and support workers

Presenting a variety of therapeutic educational games and approaches, designed to edu-tain your young person.
From learning to read to navigating GCSE's, Fusion Fun Edu-tainment has a host of games and easy-to-implement strategies to help you educate and entertain your young person. 

Contact us for more information on "Edu-tainment - Fusion Fun"


Focusing on the bad habits and disruptive attitudes that broke down school and care placements in the first place, "Reintegrate" offers motivational and practical solutions to taking the first step toward reintegration, as well as providing the tools to self-manage the journey thereafter.  

Contact us for more information on "Reintegrate"

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