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Gym visits - health and fitness education

Kickboxing - martial arts skills-development

Fusion tutoring trips - out in the community

Extracurricular Outings

Activities in the Community - Health and Fitness Education

Local health and fitness gym visits

Structured gym visits to promote healthy lifestyles, safe practice and correct social etiquette. Up-Grade Training provide physical active-education alongside nutrition and lifestyle tips, providing physical education during these fun, engaging and productive outings.

These motivational days out encourage young people to self-manage, take responsibility for their personal fitness and to value their health and well-being. 

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Martial arts sessions

Entire martial-arts syllabus delivered in local gyms. These therapeutic personal-training programs have been designed for those suffering with low self-esteem or who require a focused, new area within which to achieve, outside of the classroom.

These martial arts sessions not only provide young people with productive time away from the classroom, but also therapeutic training to support anger management and develop self-esteem. .

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Fusions tutoring trips

Educational trips into the local community. 
Fusion tutoring trips are aimed toward the lower key stages; getting young people moving and interacting with their communities. Scavenger hunts, penny-walks and busy-boot-camps are just a few of the fun, active, educational trips Up-Grade offer young people

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