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"The goal is not to read a book, but to become a reader. The goal is not to learn an instrument, but to become a musician. True behaviour change is identity change."

Behaviour Management Interventions

Attentiveness   Mindfulness   Positivity   Rapport   Feedback

Up-Grade have worked in many Primary Schools, Secondary Schools and Colleges across East and West Sussex delivering high-quality behaviour management programs for young people with some of the most challenging behaviour.
Our unique approach to therapeutic education and reintegration into the classroom have been developed using the best youth therapeutic practices, rapport building techniques and the discipline of achievement.


By employing tried and tested therapeutic approaches to active-training and behaviour, Up-Grade have time and again implemented systems designed to improve the quality of school-life for both student and staff.


We work with individuals or small groups, depending on the unique requirements of the young person, Up-Grade are able to use their unique, therapeutic approach to learning and emotional and social development to improve outcomes for all students .

Therapeutic Programs

Engaging   Academic   Challenging   Team-building

Up-Grade Training provide units of training designed to measure progress and reward achievement for whole-class groups of students. Individual progress folders are kept for each student as a way of recognising and rewarding success at every stage.

All after-school and PE programs of work are based on the unique approaches to education Up-Grade have developed by mixing the best youth therapeutic practices with the intrinsic and entwined discipline of martial arts training.

A high number of all Up-Grade students go on to join outside clubs and achieve highly in both martial arts and other sports.

Up-Grade consistently receive feedback from teachers, parents and mentors, celebrating the student's increased self-esteem and sense of well-being. 

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